Student Endorsements

Scott Arnott

“The heavy equipment course was fun.  I learned a lot of safety for the construction sites.  Instructor was helpful and people friendly.  No matter the questions (some stupid) he had patience.”

Ramesh Rhamdhanie

“This course gave me a better perspective on truck driving.  Instructors professionalism is way beyond the scope of teaching.”

Larry Lucas

“I took the AZ with the Heavy Equipment and would recommend KRTS because of their patience and caring to the students, definate asset to the company.”


Drivers Education (minors so names are not published)

“Very informative and if we didn’t understand something instructor explained until we did.”

“I learned a lot more than I usually would because of the way he taught.  I respected his views and enjoyed how he conversed with us and respected our opinions.  Thanks Rick.”

“I was really scared to drive but the instructor made me feel comfortable.  After my first lesson I couldn’t wait for my second.”

“When I took the course they had a seeing eye dog, Ripley, in training and it was fun to have him in the classroom.”