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Student Testimonials

I would not hesitate to recommend KRTS to anyone. It was a very positive experience through some very trying winter weather.

Steve Smith
Graduate of Transportation & Construction Program

I was originally enrolled in a different school but switched to KRTS. They are a great bunch of people.

Jeff Staeger
Graduate of Heavy Equipment

I never actually realized how much a trucker needs to know before attending KRTS. The in-class instructor (Doug) was very professional and made the class fun. I would rate them with an A+ and would highly recommend others to KRTS.

Brian McKibbon
Graduate of AZ Tractor Trailer

My training at KRTS was not only fun but I am now very knowledgeable and competent to operate heavy equipment and transport trucks. The KRTS instructors were the best ever, I would refer this place to anyone.

Jeff Plazek
Graduate of Transportation & Construction Program

Great Instructors, were really good at explaining the key safety points. I wish this course was longer. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone looking to get into the heavy equipment field.

Blair Bradley
Graduate of Heavy Equipment Operator

KRTS was the best choice I have ever made in beginning my new “Lifestyle”. In-depth sharing of personal knowledge and professional attitude coupled with incredible thorough education and one on one training was exactly what I needed. KRTS and the staff provided a welcoming and easily approachable atmosphere to learn in. Their commitment to safety and skill on the road is amazing. I am grateful and proud to have been a selected student who graduated with a new found confidence from KRTS. Top Notch Training + Top Notch Trainers = Top Notch Drivers!

Kim Rose-Gamble
Graduate of KRTS